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7 June 2011

Wishing Thanks to My Readers.

Hi reader’s,

I’m very much happy to see that lot of peoples from all part of globe have visited my blog and visitor’s count has crossed 3000 + with in 40 days of starting the blog. I would request my readers to start posting there valuable comments and requests so that we can make much more solicit & interactive blog. I had also noticed that the number of viewers who visiting my SQL or Data warehousing blog is pretty low as compared to informatica. I would also request my visitors to look in to them as I had spent a lot of time in making a content for it and which is very useful when your are at work or can also be used as the quick reference guide before taking up any interview.

I’m planning to publish a book on informatica soon which will all major concepts of the data warehousing in detail and Sql concepts used by an ETL consultants, Basic Unix Commands and Introduction to the Scheduler tools like autosys, Tivoli and off course Informatica which has brought me all this fame.

I would highly appreciate if few people come forward and post the interview questions or the scenarios which they have encountered in there day to day work for discussion at the discussion board.

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